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Aluminium is a good conductor of heat, is strong and is easy to clean.   It is the best choice for serious bakers who want top quality performance, which can withstand heavy usage. Silver anodised helps prevent the tainting that can affect aluminium.





Hand wash only

Can be prone to dents so careful storage is recommended.




Ceramic refers to dishes that are described as stoneware or porcelain. These are slow conductors of heat making them ideal for pies and tarts where you have delicate pastry but also a filling to cook. Also perfect for entertaining.



Glazed stoneware is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, but check instructions on individual items first.

To avoid breakages avoid sudden changes in temperature, banging against hard surfaces and of course try not to drop it! Check just how hot your particular dish can withstand.



Non-stick bakeware


This is an essential for baking if you want easy release and easy to clean bakeware that covers everything from a cake tin to a roasting tin. Look for a durable coated steel finish with a medium weight that will not buckle when hot or be too heavy during cooking.




Good ranges will be dishwasher resistant and will not warp.

Most benefit from light greasing with oil or butter to ensure quick release





Silicone is a relative newcomer to the bakeware world, but is fast growing in popularity due to its flexibility, non stick capability, and ability to withstand temperatures over 300ºC. It can also be frozen making it ideal for cakes and desserts alike.  



Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

We recommend greasing to be on the safe side, but you do not have to and it can leave a slight residue. We also strongly suggest placing it on a baking tray for support.

Easy to store as it can be folded or squeezed into the tightest of spaces.



Tin/Steel Coated Tin


The original material for bakeware, tin is lightweight and a good conductor of heat. However, it needs careful looking after as it lacks the strength of other bakeware.





Hand wash only and dry immediately with a soft cloth.

Coated steel will eventually lose it’s layer of tin with use, but the life of your tin can be extended if you take good care of it.



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